Plants in the Sierra of Guardarrama


Thanks to our geografical situation, we have a lots of plants that need cold to survive.  There are 1.300 types of plants in this area.

Satellitenkarte der Sierra de Guadarrama

Holm Oak

Quercus ilex rotundifolia.jpg
CC BY-SA 3.0,

Is a tree of medium and low size wich can reach from 16 to 25 metres in height.In the wild , it is oval.


Rockrose (jara)

Cistus April 2017-1.jpg
By Alvesgaspar – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It is a scrub up to 2.5 metres in heightn the leaves,are enlogated and narrow.


It smells very nice . It is a medicinal flower used for painkiller.


There are 6 pinewoods:

  • Pinares de la sierra
  • Pinar de Valsaín
  • Pinar de los Belgas
  • Pinar de la Garganta de El Espinar
  • Pinar de Navafría
  • Pinar de La Fuenfría, Siete Picos y Navacerrada


The flora of this mountain range is characterized by having many forests of wild pine and the presence of oak . On the peaks predominate shrubs of high mountains.

The most representative part of the flora are pine forests of albar, bushes and pastures that are located in the peaks of the Sierra.