Trees in Sierra de Guadarrama

General information

In the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and its influence zone there are 43 trees classified as singular, according to the environmental legislation of the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León.

Of these, 10 specimens are found inside the National Park. Before the encounter in the nature with one of these giants, certainly we will not be indifferent. Sturdy stems, thick trunks and huge twisted branches will invite us to contemplate and utmost respect for these natural jewels.

Norway Spruce of Cebadilla

Kuusk Keila-Paldiski rdt ääres.jpg

Location: mass of exotic conifers, next to a meadow and a few meters of the copy II.

Porte: characteristic of the species. Very dominated by the regenerated albar. Lower branches dry for lack of light. Forked in the last section. Coming from the tasks of reforestation of the former Forestry Nursery of Cebedilla.

Age: ± 94 years.

Willow of Galapaguera

Von André Karwath aka Aka – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Location: at the entrance of the Monastery of El Paular, the closest to the building. Porte: very old tree that has lost the main structure. What are preserved are several large branches that arise from the strain. Numerous decay. Age: Both specimens are ± 94 years old (measured in the branches, the strain is probably older).

Chopo of the Town Hall


The Chopo del Ayuntamiento is located next to the Consistory of Pinilla del Valle, in the square of the same name, in the heart of the Lozoya Valley.

This imposing poplar (Populus nigra var. Pyramidalis) presents a somewhat ungainly and disheveled state, having lost some of the main branches. A raised barn surrounds him.